Myobrace beugel

A Myobrace is used as a prevention of pre-orthodontic treatments and addresses myofunctional problems at an early stage. It reduces the chance of a traditional brace in the future. The dentists at dental practice Arnout & Hobbelink in Amstelveen are experts in fitting your child this special brace and offer all the guidance that is needed. Learn more about the Myobrace below or contact us directly.

Treatment with a Myobrace

The treatment consists of three following braces/trainers and takes approximately 1 to 1,5 years. The first phase is to get used to the trainer, in the next phase the right habits will be taught which will enhance alignment of the teeth and correct growth of the jaws. The last phase is to make sure that there is no falling back into old habits. In some cases, the treatment will be combined with a speech therapist if extra guidance is needed.


Bad habits lead to deviations

An altered stance of the teeth or poor jaw development is something we see in many children at a young age. Until recently it was thought that this was a genetic problem. Modern research shows that many of these problems are not caused by hereditary factors but by underlying causes, unlocking natural growth and development. Mouth breathing, tongue thrusting and reverse swallowing are the real causes. By treating these myofunctional problems at an early stage, often traditional orthodontic treatment can be prevented at a later stage. Also, if these habits are not treated, the chance of relapse of the teeth is very high after traditional orthodontic treatment.

Improve your child’s breathing

Did you know that, if your child breathes through his mouth, apart from causing poor jaw development, it is also bad to the general health? The air is not filtered, increasing the chance of infections in the respiratory system, throat and ears. Furthermore the oxygen/dioxide ratio gets out of balance, which can cause fatigue or even concentration disorders.

Get rid of deviant oral habits

The Myobrace is a preventive pre-orthodontic treatment to treat these myofunctional problems at an early stage. Ideally treatment is started between the age of 6-8 yrs. The Myobrace is worn an hour each day plus overnight while sleeping. Additional exercises are added 5 minutes per day to learn to position the tongue in the right spot and how to swallow the correct way.